About Us

My name is Vernon Cole, Sr. 
I'm so excited that you've found us, and that we're in a position to be of service to you.
When I was in my early twenties, I learned a valuable lesson that has since been a reminder to always speak my heart. Out of that experience, a thought came to me that, in my opinion, was pure wisdom:
"More relationships struggle, not because of things we say without thinking, but because of things we think about, but do not say."
I recognized shortly after then that whenever I went to shop for a card for a holiday or special occasion, I most often would purchase a blank card because I felt none of them quite captured exactly what I wanted to say; so I would write my own messages inside.
A Way With Words was born from the culmination of those experiences, and reflecting on so many other losses, triumphs, and learning lessons up until today. Through it all, I have learned to let my heart speak.
So I invite you to shop our entire catalog. Find the card that most closely expresses what you'd love to say to someone. Each one is open, honest, and straight from the heart. They are unisex, non-specific to holidays or occasions, and perfect to be given to anyone from anyone.
Choose one, or more than one, and let your heart speak.